Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Garibi, Berozgari,Education, Health, Housing ---- Issues

 A funny and shocking thing is taking place here. Seeing that poverty is a strong enemy and cannot be conquered so easily and also that purchasing power of people is going down day by day on account of increasing unemployment, Unemployment is triggered by increasing floods of the Chinese goods, causing shutting down of factories,The powers that are ruling are now cornered . Housing is another problem, but where is money to build houses ? Neither people have , nor the Govt has ! More problems are of Education and Health. Education has gone out of the reach of poor and middle class families and Medical Expenses of the families are increasing. The decreasing purchasing power has resulted into lesser expenses on nourishment and healthy bodies and this will shoot up the medical expenses in future too, as with mal-nourished bodies, production will decrease and National Gross Product will also come down ! Health and education demand long term planning, infrastructure of Hospitals, Doctors,medicines etc. The present politicians of India , Pakistan are not intellectually equipped to fight the menaces on so many fronts.A great plan needed to be envisaged before houses are constructed made fit for human residence. It was easy for PM to boast that he would construct one lakh houses per month , and I had calculated that how many houses should have been constructed by the time he boasted of this target !---------Now the thing has turned nasty with passage of time and the rulers are becoming nervous. They are not intellectually and financially competent to meet the challenges , worse still , the Banks' NON Performing Assets, ( No repayments and doubtful recovery of Bank loans to the tune of lakhs of Crores , Crores multiplied by lakhs ! ) This has made the Poverty, Unemployment , Education, Health and Housing very very complicated. Now the Rulers think how to attack the problems without enough preparedness ? So Modi found In Congress an easy target. he has made Congress a target and is always speaking of wiping out Congress, in fact PM should speak of wiping out Poverty, Unemployment and exploitation in Education and improving Health of the people.He targets Congress as if Congress is making all the problems. This is a diversionary tactic but people have come to know the chalaki and have seen through it the incompetence to govern effectively.Now Pakistan is also added as an enemy of late but is criticized from all quarters as the story fabricated by PM is a cooked story , not acceptable .--------------------------------In Pakistan the politicians and Generals always put red cloth before the bull in the name of Kashmir and purchase weapons of attack and defense with accrual of commission on huge level. They purchase luxurious Bunglows in England settle there after retirement and escape ! I remembe a sher---------------------------------------------------------------- Nai saDke banate hai, nai kare chalate hai 2.Hawao ke badan pe tez talwar chate hai 3. Garibi ko miTana hai , garibi miT nahi shakti 4 Adakari se dhoke de de kar sarkare chalate hai ---------- Kafil Ahmad Abaadi
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Jump of Modi from Vikas to Abuses and Mandir.

Jump of Modi from Vikas to Abuses and Mandir.
On national level , so far Congress culture prevailed , the leaders kept sanyam ( self control ) on their public utterances and avoided even speaking on internal matters of other parties. With the appearance of Modi on the scene, the situation took a nasty turn. He started openly criticizing opposition party's leaders on personal matters. Spoke very nasty words even for National President of the Congress who is a respectable lady, calling her a " Jersy Cow ". calling Rahul, the MP and Vice President of the Congress " Pappu " and bribed media to spread this message among the masses. As CM Gujarat , he went so low that he got satyagrahs in front of the offices of the opposition party, Congress and locked the offices, a Hitlerian exercise. He got the effigies of Congress leaders burnt also, He went very low in Political morality.
He has no social back ground of any exemplary achievement or studying any subject like Economics, History, Sociology, Literature Gujarati or English , neither he has studied any Hindu Shastra like Maha Bharat, RamayaN, Geeta or any PuraNs.
He was a blank slate when he entered Gujarat politics, displacing kesubhai Patel ( He now blames Congress for this achievement ! ).
He had a great ambition to become PM , so he took the Industrialists in his side and they paved the way for his grabbing power. These Indusrialists were debtors and did not want to return huge loans received from the Nationalised Banks. So an understanding appears to have been reached that the loans will be written off. They defrauded the media and Modi was made darling of the masses with the help of media, the media created a tiger out of a lamb who concealed him self when RSS and BJP with his help made a massacre of 2000 Muslims, He was given facilities of planes by the defauler Industrialists. and there are photographs when he boarded their planes with smiling face.
No one wants to return the money. Now the understanding is taking shape and the depositers of the Nationalised Banks will bear the burden of the unrepaid dues of the Industrialists.from their fixed deposits.
Modi did not control his tongue while addressing the meetings in 2014 and his utterances spoiled the noble atmosphere of the country. and you will see there is a flood of violence after the 2014 elections all over India.
Now he has not been not able to solve any problem of the country Unemployment. Poverty, costlier Education, Starvation, Bleeding by the private hospitals, communal harmony, attacks on Muslims and dalits , decreasing production, decreasing purchasing power of the people, housing , terrorism on front of increasing death toll of our soldiers across the Pakistani borders.......................... So, he has resorted to one thing in which he is expert, false promises, false propaganda and abuses. He has brought about this cultural country to this sorry pass. He is not a religious man , have you ever heard him speaking on Ram, Krishna , Hanuman or Brahma, VishNu, Mahesh ? How he remembers Ayodhya Mandir now ? Mandir is a tool in BJP's and Modi's hands
If he has any competence as PM, make the defauler Industrialists to clear their Bank dues first. As PM this should be his first priority as lakhs of Crores of Rs. are involved . Here his competence and qualification as PM will be tested and not as a Kadia - Mason - in constructing a Mandir..
We want a cultured man as PM , we want a man who has understandig of the National problems and has thinking over these issues. We now do not want an idiot speaking with wide arms on the platform playing on the religious sentiments of the Hindus............... This is the reason we want Congress back , this is the reson we want Rahul .
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Friday, November 24, 2017

How a Nation Degenerates

Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp First the politicians select a wrong and bad ideology , then they push it up with force. When the principle of " Action and Re-Action " starts rolling, they become afraid for their own safety and devise ways to protect themselves from the victims of their actions by making Y- Security Z-Security and get alienated from the public. Now when contact with the masses and common man is lost, they harbor Media persons , Editors, Journalists, TV Anchors, News Readers ,corrupting them too. The bureaucracy is observing this under their nose, so they also start making a fast buck , Some religious Men are now reigned in to make up for the loss of popular support and the Sadhu Bavas also start minting money. Now the circle is complete, the entire Society is corrupt and the State has evaporated leaving Education to the Sharks, Health to the greedy Doctors, Anti=Corruption Laws to the mercy of the Corrupt , Industries to the greedy Industrialists with no increase in Employment , Daily Needs  like Security on the streets, bread, butter , clothes and housing  - RoTi, KapDa aur Makan are left to the All Mighty God and a picture is painted in such a way that Heavens have descended on this part of the world !

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Poor and Rich divide

Look a car is parked just near the luxurious houses, open to sky twit stars of precious value shining along the Moon. ......We never realised that the stability and peace of our society depends not on Govts but not the tolerance of these poor people. ..
Inequalities and discriminations should not cross the limits of tolerance. Hindu religion has poured wrong notions of "fruits of last birth" and " do work, do not expect reward " कमँणि एव अधिकारसते मा फलेषु कदाचन " have outlived their life and poor people have lost faith in the set dhatmshastras.
So let be reasonable and human.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Horse riding at Matheran and Police Training College, Junagadh, Gujarat

Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp updated his profile picture.
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Munawwar Hussain Clint Eastwood style looking great , just gun is missing
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Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp Sir, I know horse riding since my days in Junagadh Police Training College. The horses were taken to the Obstacle Course where they had to cross wall, then jump from a pond like swimming pool. We were taught to press our heels on the lower parts of th...See More
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Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp The hat I have put on was not prescribed for riding. There was one " Solo Hat " a round type hat for protection against fall from the horse back. We wore it while riding on horse. thereafter I used it during summer in Surat , as I had to ride a bicycle then ! But unluckily there is no photograph of such riding as I was not much photograph conscious those days. There was one particular shop selling such hats in Bombay , just near Nair Hospital and opposite metro Theater in Bombay, and it was called " Calcutta Solo Hat Agency ". Solo hats were in demand old days of the British Rule , and so it was named like that , as the English people were fond of horse riding and so needed solo hats. This is for preserving the old memories, Sir.
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Bharat Pandya Acp One thing I forgot to mention here that we were trained in different styles of horse riding 1. Rawal 2.Canter and 3. Charge. The Rawal was a slow motion walk , Canter was speedy semi run, the horses enjoyed this style too much and danced with rhythm . 3. Charge. An open field when the horses were let loose and run like the fastest run in Olympic and when reign were let loose and the their stomachs were pressed with both heels , the horses thought that they had to prove their worth and ran with full speed, they became uncontrollable but were pacified only when the target line was crossed.This distance was some where 200 or 500 yards , I have forgotten but the runs were memorable and froth came out of the noses of the horses and breathing ran too fast .While tighteningly holding the reigns, my fingers once bled .------------ We were supposed to mount the horses with saddle, but during exercises, some times even saddles were removed and we were asked to mount the horse even without saddle on a running horse, somr=etimes in Rawal or some times canter styles. We did , as we all were young, Vo jawani ka josh hota hai sahb ! Munawwar Hussain
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Need for De-religionisation

    Shri Munawwar Hussain of  Pakistan has insisted need for de-Religionization of their country for progress and improving living standards of the people.
          I have written on his wall like this :

Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp Are yar Islam aur Hinduism ko bhul jao, janta ka living standard upar uThaneka socho. Zara socho, Europe ne jab tarakki ki thi tab Religion ko nahi Science Technology ko aage badhaya tha. Pahle Catholics ne naye naye invention ka virodh kiya tha, lekin baad mein unhone socha ki aage baDhneke liye Science Technology ki hi zarurat paDegi, Religion usmein kuchh kaam nahi aayega. Vo to pahle se hi tha, fir bhi jindagi pichhaDi hui kyon bani hui thi ? Baad unhone science Technology ko kubul kiya aur sari duniya par haavi ho gaye, kyon ? Kyon ki dusre desh to Religion ko sine se lagaye huye baiThe the. ........ Aisa puchho to Reformation yani ki Rennaisance ki sharuat (   beginning  -  aagaz ) to Ismami desho se hui thi, lekin unhone use aage nahi baDhaya , Angrezo ne usmein apnaai tarakki ka rasta dekha aur Science Technology Musalmanose chhin kar unke hath mein talvar aur aapka dharmik pustak pakda diya, aur Islami Rajkartao talvar lekar jahan jagah mili vahan Islam ka prachar karne nikal paDe, Angrezone Religion ko pichhe chhoDa aur naya thinking apnaya, is ke karaN unhone sahitya, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Industries, Mechanics, vagairah xetro mein tarakki kee. Varna Petrol to Musalmano ke desho mein hi tha, vahan Motor ya Aerroplanes kyon nahi bane ? Kyon ki thinking nahi thi aur jo thinking thi vo sab religion par kendrit ho gai thi. Hindostan pichhe kyon raha ? Kyon ki thinking karnewali janta subah sham dharm ke pustak sine se lagaye baiThe the, Yoga karte the, jismein ghanTo tak inactive ban kar susupt ( like dead person ) paDe rahte the, Unhone to Bhagwan ko bhi bas Tap karte dikhaya , Himalay par baiThe baiThe Bhawan bhi Tap karke vakt barbad karte the. Unko bhai Tapscharya ki kya zarurat thi ? Vo to khud Bhagwan the , fir bhi aisa hua aur Europe wale Samandar paar karke zahazo mein aa gaye aur Science Technology ka sahara le kar aap aur hamko ( yani hamare poorvajo ko ) gulam banate chale. Fir bhi ye moorkh logo ke dimag mein aisa khayal nahi aya, ki Bhagwanko to ham subah sham poojte hai, to ye Angrez ham par Raj karne Zahazo mein yahan tak kyon aa gaya aur koi Bhawan ne unke saare zahaz Dubo kyon nahi diye , kyon ki ve to koi dusre Bhagwan poojte the. . To yah baat hui thinking ki. Jahan tak apni thinking nahi badlegi, tarakki ke saare raste bandh rahenge............ Yahan kya ho raha hai ? Modi, RSS, BJP logo ki thinking ko hi rok rahe hai, taki unka dhyan apni pichhDi haalat par na jaye, aur Gaai aur Hindutva mein sab busy rahe, subah sham unki taiyar ki gai thali ( dish ) mein jo bhi kachra kuDa ve rakhte hai, vo khush ho kar khate rahe aur desh par BrahmaN,Vaishya Gyatioka samrajya kayam rahe.----------- Sorry for being too lengthy .

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Soldiers that died for others

 The Soldiers that died for others 
Only a few hours before , i was terrified and shuddered to think how millions of soldiers went on fighting and fighting and killing the soldiers of other countries they had never known , seen or talked and yet when the politicians said that they were their enemies, they should kill them on sight and destroy their properties. I was terrified to know how the young men remained in the foreign lands, leaving their families behind, whom they had not seen since years and would not see them at all , if at all they returned home, wife gone with some other man, children lost in the streets, houses they built with blood and sweat destroyed by enemy bombs, their parents died when they killed fathers of children of enemy lands, I was terrified to know that some very young boys were recruited as soldiers , they had not tasted life ( like War of Roses in Middle Ages )and I was terrified to know that some youngsters would never be grown in full youth and would be flung into the deserts from cold countries and defend some dictators who had destroyed the generations. I was terrified to know that some roses were to fade away without being roses and were found fit to be dumped under the debris of clay and buildings. I was terrified when I saw skeletons of soldiers who died in World war I , their bodies discovered from under the farms and earth dug up to build new houses, their identity fixed from the name card, country known from the uniform and the heirs at home not existing , yet they had died for a cause they never knew but the Politicians knew that they had to fight to satisfy their lust for power, lands, oil and riches. The riches never reached the dead soldiers but future generations would reap the fruits of their blood, sweat and tears
Munawwar Hussain painful.. and yet we have not learnt
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    Munawwar Hussain
    52 mins
    Heart piercing plea , this is result of few bastards called leaders responsible for millions of deaths and suffering of mankind
    and sadly after millions of years’s evolution and claims of being fucking civilised we are still worst than animals , honestly this poem brought tears in my eyes , thinking as if he was my son
    It’s not fucking bravery or sacrifices but utter inhuman that our sons have to give their lives for ego and interests of few bastards in power , this profession must cease to exist for good of mankind