Saturday, April 22, 2017

Games politicians played in the aftermath of 1947

Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp Vahan ki yahan , saale sab chor hi hote hai. Jo Shahukar banke aata hai, vo to bada chor banke rahta hai. Khud nahi khayega, kyonki koi pichhe nahi hai, lekin dusroko khilayega, aur awamkim, daulat barbad karega, aur kud kud kar aagewaloko galiyan bhi ...See more
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Munawwar Hussain Thank you sir but if we were united then these trillions we spent and still spending on arms could have been spent on welfare , sadly our ancestors sold us to these crooks and so cheap
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Bharatbhai R Pandya Acp Munawwar Hussain True, In that case United Hindostan could have emerged as a Great power economically, with greater high quality living standards, all domestic amenities in kitchen quality and quantity of foods, schooling, higher education, better housing, clothes and cordial Human Relations. The graph of happiness also would have been up, but alas, the local politicians and the European and American too , thought otherwise, USA was keen to create market for its armaments, Europe was active in continuing its greatness like day dreaming, and Nehru played into the love affair of Edwina and all contributed to downfall of brotherly feelings and khandani ( family ) bonds.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017


RavaN keri lanka dekho
Dekho sone ka hathi,
Ramchandra ka laga sapaTa,
Ho gai tan ki maaTi re 
Manva mat kar tu Abhimaan
Ek vakt jab mein Smashan gaya, vaha ek lash jal rahi thi. Lash lane wale intzar karte baithe baithe thak gaye lagte the. Lekin kuchh bhi hua, lash ka sar jal nahi raha tha, vo to ham sab dekh rahe the. ( Musalman bhai yo ko ye baabat mein rahat hai ki aise nazare dekhne nahi milte ! ) To lash lane wale chita jalane waleko puchhne lage " are yaar kitni der lagegi ? " Uska jawab unke paas nahi tha, lekin vo labour ke paas tha. Usne uthaya jaDa sa DanDa aur lash ke sar par zor se faTka mara, khopri tuT gai, aur jalne lagi. Baad mein vo faTka marne wala majur bola, " Sala bahot ghamanDi aur abhimani hoga, akhir faTka kha kar gaya ! " Bhaiyo , aapke paas agar bahot paise ho, power ho, to yaa to aapko Kabrastan mein dhul ke niche dabna hai ya, smashan mein jalna hai., Lekin ghamanDi ki tarah faTka khaa kar mat pahunchna.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nasamaj officers sirf chhuri chalana hi jante hai

Bharat R Pandya
                                            Nasamaj officers sirf chhuri chalana hi jante hai.
5 April 2016

आज मैने आइनसटाइनका एक quotation rakha hai.
Usmein unhone likha hai ki agar aap ek machhali ko peD par chaDhneka hukm dete ho, to sari zindagi bitegi, lekin vo peD par chaDh nahi payegi...........Impossible expectations mat rakho aur positive bano.
Uske baare mein ek baDi achchhi story hai.
Baat aise bani thi ki kuchh mahine pahle ek All India level ki company ka General Manager dinner ke liye aye the
Baat aise chali.
Ham afsaran hame share apne subordinates se work ki bahot unchi apexa rakhte hai. Kabhi koi subordinate kam barabar karta nahi hai, to ham use dante hai aur bhali buri sunate bhi hai.
Usko khat likhte hai , lal ankh karte hai vagairah vagairah.
Story aise chali:
Ek admine ek murghi pali, aisi asha se ki roz ek anda to degi, nasta ho jayega. Usne to do char mahine intazar kiya lekin anDa nahi aya ! To usko galiya dene laga, dantne laga aur kabhi kabhi marne bhi laga. To ek anDa dena shuru hua. Vo bhi tin char roz ke baad. Vo to ab kanTal gaya, sala mein ab kitna intzar karu ? Ab uske maar kar paka kar kha jaun. Usne to ek chhara nikala aur chowkDimein murgi ko le chala. Ab murgi samaj gai ki ajka din uska akhari din hai, to boli " Bhai sahb, aap muze mar ke kha jane wale hai, Muze ek chance meri baat kahne ka do. Aise to kisiko fansi ki saza milti hai, to uski aakhri ichchha puri ki jati jai, meri khvahish to meri majburi kahneki hi hai, muze tumse kuchh bhi na chahiye, , baad mein mere hal par par chhoD dena.
Malik bola thik hai, jaldi batao, muze bhi bahot bhookh lagi hai.
Murgi boli " Tum muze kya samaj kar bazar meinse le aaye the, mein nahi janti, lekin anDa dena mera koi kartavya nahi hai. Aapki aur mera koi ehsan hi nahi hai, Aap roz muze Dante hai, marte hai , aapka gussa mein samaj shakti hun, shayad aap pahle Police Dept mein the isliye ye Dantna, Marna, gande khat likhna, ACR bigaDna, promotion aTkana , aisi hi baat aap jante hai, lekin khudki apexa ka pariNam kaise lana vo aap logo ki samaj ke bahar hai. Aap log Academy mein Training lete hai, to physical training aur law ke siva aur kuchh jamkari aap hansil karte nahi ho, isliye jo kaam aap lena chahte ho, vo peida nahi ho shakta.
Aap apne subordinates ki positive baabat samajte nahi aur duniya bharka kam kaj usase nikalne chahte ho, vo mumkin nahi hota, Is liye aap disappoint hote ho aur negative tariko se Neem ke peDose Aam peida karne ka program banane mein lage rahte ho.
Aap roz subah sham muze galiya dete ho, marte ho, to mein majburi se aap ko deti hun, Lekin dar asal baat yah hai ki anda deneka mechanism kudratne mere mein rakha hi nahi hai. Aap ke jor julam se do char din ek anDa to aapko mil raha hai. Lekin meri majburi yah hai ki mein murghi nahi lekin Murga hun, aap mere se murgi ke badan ke apexa kaise rakhte ho ? Vo meri galti hai ? Ab aap chaho, to mere pe chhuri fer do aur ye khel khatam karo. Aapki jaise naasamaj IPS Gujarat mein bahot se, jyada karke hai, jo sirf chhuri firaneka kaam hi karte hai, Dusra kuchh unko aata hi nahi hai,
Ab chalo, baat khatm karo , varna mein hi khukushi karta hau, ( Dept chhoD dena use kahte hai ),

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Intelligence of a Home Secreatary of Gujarat

 Me:------ Iftikhar Ahmed Mir sahb, the fundamental difference between yr Intelligence is that it is based on negative foundations that is anti Indian outlook . They were an unseen arm of Pak Generals and thru it some Generals controlled Pakistsni establishment even after their retirement by managing to post their loyalist subordinates. Had there been some civilian boss of ISI the things would have been slightly different. As uniformed officers we know our limitations but for yr Generals there was no limitation ! By sending hoades of terrorists they have created a saffron monster here and yet Kashmir remains away like a day dream.The American intelligence establishment is a committed network to defend their mother land as so are concentrating on self defence mechanism and are successful in carrying out their mission. Ours has been forced to become a reactive set up but is now coming out if the.nadty shadow of ISI and will fight yrs like it performed in East Pakistan.
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Sajjad Haider I would differ with sir the RAW is no different to ISI , the Indian outlook has been nothing but looking to sharpen its teeth on Pakistan only,never seen RAW working in any other country for its its benefit,so you say hoards of terrorist,may I ask the ...See more
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Bharat R Pandya I would have been happy to serve in Raw , unluckily that opportunity never came. I was posted to Bhuj in Intelligence but for me it was a punishmental posting and not a reward as I was in bad books of Home Secretary and top Police brass, so I never took over there . The Home Secretary was a Southern Brahmin and was blood thirsty of our blood and I suspected that he would get me trapped in Pakistani net and finish my life. Such things happened in the past !
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Iftikhar Ahmed Mir Bharat R Pandya
Chori ji.... raat gyi baat gyi Pandya bhai.
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Bharat R Pandya Iftikhar Ahmed Mir Haa ji kya kare, vo bhi ek yad , lekin khatti yad rah gai.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Golden Bridge of Bharuch

e that day he lifted this restriction of one way traffic on this Golden bridge. ------------ He was a short fellow but long in vision. he rarely came out to control riots, every thing was left to me as he trusted me and when ever I took drastic action on the rioters, he supported me. --------- Same thing was with our Collector and Dist Magistrate Shri Sanjeev Mishra IAS.---- Such officers are a rare breed, the rascals and bastards I saw later on , as Dist Supdt , DIG s and Home secretary, always increased the valuation of Shri J.B.Jhala and Shri Mishra .

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Terrorism- let us introspect

We should introspect why such a situation has arisen. My reading is that the elite Muslim families are leaving the breeder of terrorism that is Pakistan and are settling their sons and daughters abroad.. As a result there has arisen a dearth of intellectuals who can stand up against the protagonists of Terrorism , like Sayeed and Parwez Musharraf.They get respect in Pakistan from low and mediocre people whose brain can be manipulated as the so called leaders do.. They have left the field wide open to be occupied by the terrorists and have blessings of the Govt. as the terrorist activities abroad ( India ) diverts the attention of the people from burning issues like unemployment, Inflation, poverty . This way the Pak. Govts have vested interests in continuation of terrorist outfits and Generals enjoy from purchases of weapons ( Both sides ! See one of our Air marshal arrested, Usko yar kya kami thi ? ), like Musharraf. this situation attempted to rise in India, but the Intellectuals have strongly resisted Modi ( half brother of Sayeed of Pakistan ). Such thing is not happening in Pakistan , the breeder country of terrorism.--------.But mind well Sir, when exodus from the European countries will start not only Muslims will be driven out, Hindus will also face same fate. They have also imitated building religious places , owning buildings and have not socially mixed with the locals in respect of marriage and social contacts.So they have also become eye sore for the Europeans ! ------- Sorry for the transgression but the matter is relevant here so i have wrote at length.